our approach

At Howard Psychology, treatment starts with a thorough clinical assessment of the individual’s needs, followed by the collaborative development of an individualised treatment pathway.

This includes delivery of psychotherapies proven to be effective in successfully treating the sequelae of trauma. There may also be recommendations of a range of complimentary interventions including trauma focused yoga, and mindfulness.


We offer expert treatment for people who have experienced psychological trauma. We provide hope for change and freedom from the limitations endured by individuals who have experienced psychological trauma. Our approach is person centred and based on positive, attuned relationships. In our work, we employ up-to-date psychological therapies, place emphasis on ongoing professional development and build and foster networks of professionals who are committed to our aims. We offer education and training in understanding the neuroscience of trauma, the neurobiological consequences of traumatic experiences, the effects of trauma on individuals and how to treat these effectively.


Howard Psychology endeavours to provide a safe, holistic environment and approach which includes everyone. Our belief is that having an understanding of psychological trauma and how this impacts on individuals helps create a place to heal and work that is dynamic, honest, insightful and attuned.

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